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Transmitted on January 4th @ 20:04
21CW War Map

About Us

For the last 15 years we have been at the forefront of the Battlefield community. 21CW gives you a dedicated, organised, team-based, balance orientated play style to fill the hole in your weekend. Squaring off against other squads and whole armies, the challenge never ends.

Will you answer the call? Be it Armour, Air, Infantry - or somewhere inbetween, we have a spot for you. Our community boasts ex-military operatives from across the globe who impart their knowledge of real life military training into how we play Battlefield. Immerse yourself in our practices, pour over our strategies, and earn your legend in the Loved/Hated thread.

Tired of playing alone? Tired of people not playing the objective? Come join us. We are loaded up and in the cap, so grab your ammo and health - then sign up here for Organized Combat Done Right.

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