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  • So what happens?

    So. I'm curious to what brought down the 21cw tournament and community. Forums and such?

    Does any one know?

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    Poor management.


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      Fuck you raz It was the lack of a game. 21cw needs a game . The community needs a game . Not to mention money. servers don't run on good intentions. So just to make a statement that it was just poor management. Is not fair and i expected more from you raz... there were a lot of factors to the "down fall" of 21cw. People have to want to participate. And it's hard when you don't have product " game" .

      P.S. still luv ya Razwer. :salute:
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        XOXOXO McBain


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          Short Answer : Lack of players overall (Why this was is a totally different issue)
          Long Answer : Admins had to pay for stuff out of pocket after donations became limited because of above. As for why the forums etc weren't saved/maintained we have to assume it was also a money issue. I believe Dogma talked about that on the facebook group. As McBain said , it's not entirely fair to just say "admins" and walk away. They are the easy answer because they were the ones that directly controlled the assets, and thus what could be done with those assets.
          *****Side note I wrote a paper on the rise and fall of 21cw for university******
          The hard answer is because the tournament part of 21cw got stale. The numbers didn't exist on a regular basis to field a competitive esport environment. The personalities at 21cw have always been big, and that sort of comes with the role. We ended up with too many big fish in too small of a pond - it was only natural that we would turn on each other as without a common focus it's easy to snip at people you spend a lot of time with.

          The really hard answer is : We are all the reason 21CW lived, and the reason it died. 21CW is so big, so really really really huge in the minds of the people that played here. It is mythic, legendary - I will tell my kids stories of 1 ticket 21cw rounds, because they are just that god damn good. The friends the foes - It's what makes 21cw.

          Not made -
          And McBain we are required by US presidental law to blame everything bad on the old ownership. Nothing personal


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            Well, well, well....hello boyz, long time no see. McBain my friend, you hit the nail on the head.The new Games SUCKED and got worse and worse every year. Personnaly, thats why I lost interest. Us old guys eyes cant handle all that shit floating round in the air and groovy way over produced graphics. They are just trying way too hard to make games life like, when its really nothing close to it. I would have stayed and played many more camps of BFDC or BF2 over all the glitz and glam of ANY of the other games we played after that. Best battles ever bar none were the desert combat days. You had to plan, you couldnt spawn anywhere you wanted, which made it even more tactical to be on your toes and not fuck up. Anyways...many years of fun were doubt about it. I thoroughly enjoyed all my years at 21CW...especially my UNDEFEATED CAMPAIGN with my stellar HCO staff that I tell my now 10 and 12 year old kids about . Man, they werent even born yet LOL.
            Good times guys, I sure miss them.
            Peace **


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              Hey yall. Stumble across 21CW on web again. How you all doing?!? Any TS up? Any planned BF5 tournaments planned?


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                Only a discord for now:


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                  Well, it was the same map over and over and over and over, same guns, same planes, total snoozefest. That and the people who play games lately are total douches bags, console controller wielding, pimple faced, live in mom's basement til their 35, cheap, no job having, narcissistic, whiners. Play online?? Here's a snippet of the convo: "you hack fag" "fuck you camper douche" "headshot bitch" and on and on. Anyways, it's the state of gaming in general, newer fancier graphics over content. Greedier publishers pushing out shitty yet shiney new games every year whether they are ready for release or not. Some penny pinching suit who's never played a game in his life is pushing the market to keep those shareholders happy. To sum up: it's the shitty modern games and the shitty modern gamers.


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                    I was a member way back in the DC days and for me it all started going downhill with Battlefield 2. The DC setup was so good with the mod and the excellent mapping team creating fun scenarios for us to play. EA nerfing mods in BF2 really killed it.

                    I played for a while then moved over to the European tournament and stayed there for a bit until I came to the conclusion that the game just wasn't suitable for tournament play in the way 1942 was.

                    I don't believe that any of the current games are what is needed for a structured tournament so if you really want to bring it back I'd suggest resurrecting the old DC mod and try to get people interested in that again. The files are still available and 1942 can be obtained for pennies. I'd definitely be up for that. I didn't lose interest in the tournament concept, just the games that were being used.

                    I really miss the old days, flying helicopters around with Kam and the others.
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                      Originally posted by Cpt_superfly View Post
                      Only a discord for now:
                      awesome information! thanks and see you there!