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    I will be putting in various historical info into this post for record keeping, to be organized later.

    Here is a great page that Cpt Peanut of the old IAF setup

    Note to me : IAF was part of the 5th IB

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    Wiki from BF2

    I am willing and capable of most of the historical information seeing as I was there and made most of the avatars over the years.

    Here's a start (This is a backup of the wiki during BF2 days when I still mattered haha)

    21CW was first conceived back in March 2003 and began initial signups in April 2003. The tournament was created by MFOTS and was administered by a single Tournament Admin back then, Sedric. The original player base for 21CW came from Battle for Europe: World at War, a Battlefield 1942tournament run in a similar style.

    When 21CW first started up, it began with one division per side, 1CD and O2. As time passed, by the second week of signups, two more divisions were opened for both the Coalition and Opposition, 3UK and O4. The campaign began in May 2003 with official battles, but not before the battles remembered by many players as the Bocage and Tobruk Scrims.

    A few weeks into the campaign, two more divisions were opened, C5 and O6, with a total player base of more than a thousand players.

    The first campaign was completely run on vanilla Desert Combat, the following campaigns included modified balanced maps, until the 21CW Mini-mod was created, which gradually introduced more new content.

    Since 21CW opened in April 2003, the tournament has gone through ten campaigns of Desert Combat starting at version 0.25 and ending at version 0.7, and is now in its first campaign of Battlefield 2 - of many more to come.


    At the highest level the tournament consists of two sides, Coalition and Opposition. In the Desert Combat days, the Coalition took the Coalition side in the game while the Opposition took the Iraqi side. Currently in the BF2 tournament the Coalition plays as the USMC while the Opposition plays as the Chinese People's Army and the Middle East Coalition. Varying with the number of players per campaign there are typically two or three divisions per side.

    Each division is composed of three or four line companies, a special forces unit and an air force. The high command consists of several divisional officers (e.g. General, Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Major) who are responsible for developing strategies, running divisional practices and of course commanding the division during the battle.
    Line Company

    Each company is run by a Captain who has several men below him in a hierarchy. He runs the company, organizing practices and training and maintains the roster of players. The role of the line company is to man the provided armor and to either attack a flag in order to capture it or to defend an already captured flag.
    Special Forces

    The Special Forces Company is usually composed of 21CW veterans who have proven themselves in previous campaigns and their skills show. They are typically used for difficult missions such as taking flags deep in enemy territory, stealing equipment or holding a front line flag. In Battlefield 2, they can also be assigned to destroy the commander assets (radar, UAV trailer and artillery).
    Air Force

    The air forces of the divisions have the responsibility to fly the air assets provided on the map. They are the only players who are allowed to fly the aircraft and must be proficient at one or all kinds of aircraft (i.e. fighter planes, bombers and helicopters). In order to join the airforce, a player usually has to pass a certification test.

    The history of divisions and their respective Generals through all campaigns is listed below. Also listed is the respective Commander-in-Chief (CinC) of the force for each campaign.
    • CinC Lou
    • 1st Cavalry Division (1CD) - Hanz
    • 3rd United Kingdom Division (3UK) - Tank Johann
    • Coalition 5 (C5) - Raptor
    • CinC ---
    • Opposition 2 (O2)
    • Opposition 4 (O4)
    • Opposition 6 (O6)
    • CinC Hanz
    • 7th Infantry Division (7ID)- Falcon6646
    • 9th Australian Division (9AU)- Haiku
    • CinC ---
    • 8th Mechanized Division (8MD) - Shox
    • 10th Armored Division (10AD) - Airborne
    • CinC Haiku
    • 11th Marine Corps (11MC - Lawdog
    • 12th Airborne Division (12AB) - FC000
    • CinC ---
    • 14th Syrian Army (14SA) - Muerte
    • 15th Nebuchadnezzar (15NE) - Diamond Doug
    • CinC FC000
    • 17MA
    • 19th British Regiment (19UK) - 420
    • CinC ---
    • 16th Syrian Guard (16SG) - SickBastard
    • 18th Armored Division (18AD) - magic@war
    • CinC Crrrazzzy
    • 20th Armored Division (20AD) - Spetsnaz
    • 21st Australian Division (21AU) - Taker, helderxl
    • CinC magic@war
    • 22nd Mechanized Brigade (22MB) - Hickman
    • 24th Al-Maqid Division (24AM) - Luke
    • 25th Infantry Division (25ID) - AllShotUp, Elessar
    • 26th British Regiment (26BR) - Thor
    • 27th Mechanized Brigade (27MB) - Overkill
    • 29th Infantry Brigade (29IB) - Term
    • 31st Marine Corps (31MC) - Buffpuff
    • 32nd Royal Artillery (32RA) - Zorb
    • 34th Infantry Brigade (34IB) - Waite, xb385
    • 38th Infantry Brigade (38IB) - Snake, Bubba
    • 1st Mechanized Division (1MD) - Slade
    • 4th Armored Brigade (4AB) - Cowboy
    • 6th Armored Brigade (6AB) - xb385
    • 8th Mechanized Brigade (8MB) - Bubba
    • CinC Slade
    • 3rd Infantry Division (3ID) - Ashes
    • 1st Black Watch (1BW) - Stucifer
    • CinC xb385
    • 2nd Syrian Army (2SA) - Method, Petunia
    • 10th Armored Division (10AD) - K43
    • 101st Airborne Brigade (101AB) - Chief
    • 82nd Airborne Brigade (82AB) - No_Brain
    • 502nd Infantry Brigade (502IB) - DWillis
    • 606th Infantry Brigade (606IB) - Petunia
    • 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade (1MEB) - Vett
    • 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade (2MEB) - No_Brain, Musashi
    • 3rd Marine Expeditionary Brigade (3MEB) - Jery
    • 18th Iranian Armored Division (18AD) - DWillis
    • 69th Beijing Jian Division (69BD) - Petunia, Dv8Mutt, MWNF
    • 4th Beijing Armored Division (4BAD) - LRoy
    The Mod

    The 21st Century Warfare Mod is one of the unique features of 21CW; the tournament has its own team of developers who have just recently developed a mod for Battlefield 2 to better fit the needs of the tournament. The mod changes are things such as balance issues, weapon additions, vehicle additions, custom maps and other things. The ultimate goal of the mod is to expand the game while keeping it fair and balanced.


    21CW uses many different ways to communicate, officially Teamspeak and forums are used, unofficially many people use GameComm, Xfire, MSN Messenger or IRC.

    Teamspeak is used mainly to communicate while playing in battles, practices or during practices. It is also used for meetings of the Tournament Admins (TA) or divisional staff. The Teamspeak server is divided into a hierarchy, each division gets their own section, within their section it is split up with sections for companies, company COs, and divisional staff. In addition, the mini-mod team, the tournament radio, TAs, and other games get their own sections.

    Much like Teamspeak, the 21st Century Warfare Forums are used for communication, but because forum posts can be read anytime, it is useful for posting announcements, news, and other useful information which may need to be accessed at varying times. Again like Teamspeak, the forums have sections for each division and their respective companies. In addition there are forums such as the mess hall, the public forums, and the announcements forum.


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      I am from the days off the OPP vs Coal. Served under General Saptiva for the opp. I was 3rd on command for the Air force on the Opp side behind Carv and Souless.

      I had some one create my sig. Was a Cat in a flight suit on an F-14 if I recall correctly. I remember general Ash. So around that time period. I'm very hazy with the names. But there where great soldiers and leaders on both side.

      I was well known on the coalition since i was very skilled in the chopper. Very known and very hated. LoL. Infamous


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        I have a bunch of the old team rosters from during the mid/late BF3 era as well as some of the wiki pages such as past admins. It's all in the wiki format though.
        C17: [3ID]EZ|Sgt.Kilo - C18: [24ME]C|GySgt.Kilo - C19: [101]C|Pvt.Kilo
        - C20: [101]C|Pvt.Kilo - C21: [2-325]C|1Lt.Kilo - C22: [1CD]K|2Lt.Kilo
        - C23: [3MD]A|2Lt.Kilo - C24: [1CD]D|Pvt.Kilo - C25: [7ID]A|1Lt.Kilo
        - C39: [1CMD]D|2LT.Kilo - C40: [GAFE]X|CPT.Kilo - C41: [SOAF]K|
        - C42: [18AD]MAJ.Kilo - C43: [USA]GEN.Kilo - C44: [TA]Kilo -
        C45: [USMC]K|Capt.Kilo - C46: [25PD]K|Col.Kilo


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          Originally posted by Kilo181 View Post
          I have a bunch of the old team rosters from during the mid/late BF3 era as well as some of the wiki pages such as past admins. It's all in the wiki format though.
          I'm still banking for Dogma giving us the old DB data but if he doesn't i can set up a wiki so we can import the data. Any way you can already share what you got? zip file or whatnot?


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            Campaign 1 CinC opposite of Lou was Top Action and I was General of O2 Division. RazzerKFG I think was another general but not 100 percent on that. Lol if you want to know any more information about the early days while 21cw was being thought up let me know

            Fun Fact: Before 21cw was used as tournament based, WaW members used it as a "Breather Mod" with Desert Combat. It was where we went when we wanted to unleash and have fun during campaign 3.
   Is the video of the WaW guys doing a music video to In Da Club which came out just about then. (Early days of Fraps) We used to go on Gazala and see how far we could jump Humvees into Helis and stuff, next thing we know during the campaign, Sedric pulls Top Action, says you wanna be CinC for this *Secret* campaign. We couldn't even talk about it at the time. Top Action pulls me in TS as soon as I come in, and with his French accent that I couldn't even understand hahahah You will be the first general! So I picked my best friend in the WaW tournament at the time Hippo as my Lt General, and we started playing more and more and getting a community. I met Airborne just as a noob pub player joining the servers. About 2 weeks before campaign is supposed to kick off, I asked Airborne to be my Major. I at the time thought he was a loud mouth ass lmao. And that was that.. The good ol memories