21CW Roster

You are viewing the roster for Beta Campaign.

The following Soldiers have enlisted for our current campaign. Below you can see their assignments for the upcoming battles. Check out the competition!

Capt. TechX
Rfn. JHubes
Rfn. Lightseeker
Rfn. scorpion1189
Rfn. Onslaught
Rfn. Sgt_Tailor
Rfn. Hog54
Rfn. dsexton1975
Rfn. IzYFr4
Rfn. BeerHunter06
Rfn. MikeLatsko
Rfn. BanJaxGav
Maj. LifeAndUniverse
Sdt. SilentKill1978
Sdt. Alzkilla
Sdt. BlackOps
Sdt. z00keeper
Sdt. roybean
Sdt. Dixin_TooFar
Sdt. S1n31ra
Sdt. Herz
Sdt. graynoise
Sdt. Hamster_RikS
Sdt. Dejapu
Sdt. BlueEagle1595
Sdt. Skittypop