League & Gameplay Ruleset v1.2.

1. Communication

  1. All Chat.
    1. Using all chat, global chat, general chat or similar at any time during Operations is strictly prohibited under all conditions; this includes but is not limited to Discord, & Battlefield Operations Server(s).
      1. A player is under this ruling from the moment they are in the Operation Server until said player leaves.
    2. The Administrator(s) overseeing the current Operation(s) will use this communication method to initiate and officiate the proceedings and processes of each Operational Day.
    3. Subverting this rule accidental or not results in an immediate kick from the server for 5 minutes.
      1. A continuation of infraction will result in a further ban for the Operation, followed by the Campaign, and then the League.
  2. Voice Communication
    1. Players are required to DIscord for verbal communication exclusively during all Operations.
    2. Each player is to be in their respective or designated channel and on the correct team during the entirety of each Operation.
    3. Any attempt to access the opposing Army’s Discord Channel or personnel during an Operation in any capacity is an act of disloyalty and a bannable offense.
    4. Any form of abusive or harassing communication between members of the 21CW in any capacity including but is not limited to Discord, & Battlefield Operations Server(s) is not tolerated and will result in corrective action.
      1. It is always at the Administrators discretion to determine what is categorized as abusive, harassing, or malicious content or material.
  3. Website
    1. All members of a Faction are required to report into their Factions Chain of Command for each Operation before being allowed access to said Operational Day.
      1. This timeline can be determined by each Faction’s General or highest ranking High Commanding Officer.
    2. All content that should produced or otherwise created by any member of 21CW shall be without malicious, abusive, or harassing content or material.
      1. It is always at the Administrators discretion to determine what is categorized as abusive, harassing, or malicious content or material.

2. Call-Sign & Identification

  1. Correct tags must be worn during any Operation and Sanctioned match.
    1. Default tags for any Faction are as follows:
      • “[Faction]Company|Rank.Username”
      • Example: “[EU]H|Cpt.Darko”
    2. Circumstantial tags can be but are not limited to, Operational Servers, Discord, Public Servers, Sanctioned and Unsanctioned Matches.
      1. Public Server Tags are not required but encouraged and are ONLY to be represented by “[21CW]”
      2. Sanctioned Match tags will be determined uniquely for each match, whether it be a single match or series of matches.
  2. All members of 21CW shall not have a player name, call-sign, company, faction, campaign, rank or similar content or material created or otherwise produced be abusive, harassing, or malicious.
    1. It is always at the Administrators discretion to determine what is categorized as abusive, harassing, or malicious content or material.
  3. All 21CW members are required to have unique Identifications within the Tournament and Campaign.

3. Campaigns & Operations

  1. Lock & Load: Five (5) minutes before start of Operational Day
    1. There is to be no player outside of their main base under any circumstances, violation results in a kick for 1 hour, proceeding to the entire day.
      1. Aircraft are no exception to this rule.
      2. Admins are no exception to this rule.
    2. This time-frame is allotted for important issue resolution and or concerns/comment/questions about the operation. Communication should be clear throughout all rank for flow of information from your Admin or BFCO.
    3. An Admin will advise each faction of “Live on Restart” through voice channels and an all chat of “Live Live Live” to start the Operation. This is the only means by which a round can be initiated.
      1. If an Admin pauses or restarts a round at anytime during the battle a new Lock & Load clock will be started and we will resume by the Lock & Load rules. All players MUST cease fire immediately upon receiving this order.
  2. Commanding & BFCO
    1. A High Commanding Officer from each Faction will represent and control each Faction during their time as the BFCO.
      1. BFCO is no limited to the highest ranking HCO and is not required to remain as BFCO during the entire Operation.
      2. BFCO does not outrank any other member of the HCO or Admin staff.
      3. Matches will be played regardless of the BFCO being disconnected. In such an event another HCO will immediately assume the BFCO position.
  3. Operation
    1. Prior to and coinciding with Lock & Load is a fifteen (15) minute attendance and preparation check for each Operational Day.
      1. Example: Operation Check 12:45, Lock & Load 12:55, Operation Start 1300.
    2. A five (5) minute break will be allotted during map changes and/or Grand Operation completions.
    3. The Operational Day is over after all maps/modes and scheduled Operations have been completed, a forfeit is issued, or an unresolved issue prevents the day from completing.
      1. In the case of a forfeit the accepting team will be declared the victor and no further matches will be played.
      2. In the case of an uncompleted operational day due to extenuating circumstances will be rescheduled and started of continued from the last full map/mode completed.
    4. In the case of a server crash the rules of Lock & Load will be in use and wait on an Admin to “Live Start” the round.
      1. Incomplete matches will have deem a winner that is a ticket lead of 50% or greater over the opposing faction.
        1. Examples: AU: 2000 Tkts EU: 1000 Tkts (AU wins)
        2. AU 50 EU 25 (AU wins)
    5. An Operation will not pause or restart during a server crash. The Operation will continue unless otherwise instructed by an Admin.
    6. Joining the wrong faction on the server during an Operation is the be corrected immediately by leaving or switching teams appropriately
    7. Spawn camping and Base Camping are allowed and viewed as viable strategies, this is limited to post round start exclusively.
      1. There will be no use of in game equipment to begin the round outside of your main base or near/inside the opposing Factions main base.
    8. Reporting violations of rules shall follow the Chain of Command up the the BFCO/Assisting HCO, to which an Admin shall be notified with the offending players (Faction, Name, Rank)
      1. Anyone can report any player,HCO,Admin during an Operation or concluding and up to the day before the start of the next operation.
    9. Faction Generals are responsible for ensuring their Faction has adequate numbers for each Operation.
      1. Operations will observe the six (6) man over rule, where teams will be balanced with Admins or opposing faction will reduce their number appropriately.
      2. Consistent low number per Faction will result in regime change.
      3. Admins will only balance the server after a round is finished and will never use more than four (4) Admins to do so.
      4. Operations and Operational Days will be cancelled or end if one Faction fails to have two (2) squads or eight (8) players at anytime during an Operation or has a deficit of versus the other Faction.
    10. Squad hopping is allowed. The act of changing squad to gain advantageous spawn position.

4. Player Responsibility

  1. Although this experience is free for all players, we at 21CW do expect member of the 21st Century Warfare community to abide by the following.
    1. Ensure you are registered on the website and in good standing with Battlefield 5, Discord, and our Administrative Team as well as your HCO/CO’s. Failure to do so before and Operation will result in your forfeit to play.
    2. All members of each Faction MUST complete a roll call in their barracks by Wednesday evening as to their status for the Operation. (Attending, Absent, LOA, MIA, AWOL).
      1. This will be sent up the chain of command to each General and then to the Admins by Thursday evening.
    3. During your time at 21CW you will be offered Awards, Promotions, Recommendations, etc. review and understand any responsibilities or duties these may incur.
    4. Review any and all information about each Operation before attending, whether it be Game updated or content, strategies, memorandum, etc.
    5. Should a player wish to transfer to another team there must be a claim made through your Chain of Command. This is on an exceptional basis.

5. Legal Notice

  1. Legal System
    1. 21st Century Warfare is based in the Netherlands and Canada, therefore each county’s legal system applies to 21CW. If any conflicting legal regulations are applicable, the most restrictive regulation applies.
  2. Code of Conduct
    1. As a member of 21st Century Warfare you will follow our code of conduct. Aside from any legal regulations, including but not limited to: racism, violence, drugs, prostitution, pornography, any illegal activities, etc. We expect our members to use a “common sense” attitude, respect your fellow members and staff.
  3. Promotions & Trade
    1. (Re)Selling of good or services and/or offering goods or services by any currency is strictly prohibited. Promoting goods, services, websites or any commercial promotions are strictly prohibited.

6. Terminology

  1. Administrator
    1. Any Member of the League of Nations with the Prefix Tag [SG,DSG,USG] has authority over wherein above mentioned in articles and sections.
  2. Battlefield Operations Server
    1. A Battlefield 5 Server in which Operations are played on for campaign Operations.
  3. Campaign
    1. A series of Operations in which two (2) Factions compete and crown a champion.
  4. Faction
    1. A represented chosen side during a Campaign, name chosen is up to the General. (ex. German Wehrmacht)
  5. Operation
    1. A sanctioned match during a Campaign in which two (2) Factions compete to further the progress of a Campaign.
  6. Operational Day
    1. Chosen day in which an Operation takes place and two (2) Factions compete for a given Campaign.
  7. Sanctioned Match
    1. Any match that is sanctioned by Admins to be recorded and a score kept for a victory of one Faction.