21CW History

A timeline of events that make up who 21st Century Warfare is today.

Tournament Foundation

21CW was first conceived back in March 2003 and began initial signups in April 2003. The tournament was created by MFOTS and was administered by a single Tournament Admin back then, Sedric. The original player base for 21CW came from Battle for Europe: World at War, a Battlefield 1942tournament run in a similar style.

When 21CW first started up, it began with one division per side, 1CD and O2. As time passed, by the second week of signups, two more divisions were opened for both the Coalition and Opposition, 3UK and O4. The campaign began in May 2003 with official battles, but not before the battles remembered by many players as the Bocage and Tobruk Scrims.

A few weeks into the campaign, two more divisions were opened, C5 and O6, with a total player base of more than a thousand players.

The first campaign was completely run on vanilla Desert Combat, the following campaigns included modified balanced maps, until the 21CW Mini-mod was created, which gradually introduced more new content.

Since 21CW opened in April 2003, the tournament has gone through ten campaigns of Desert Combat starting at version 0.25 and ending at version 0.7, and is now in its first campaign of Battlefield 2 - of many more to come.

Division History

The history of divisions and their respective Generals through all campaigns is listed below. Also listed is the respective Commander-in-Chief (CinC) of the force for each campaign.

  • CinC Lou
    • 1st Cavalry Division (1CD) - Hanz
    • 3rd United Kingdom Division (3UK) - Tank Johann
    • Coalition 5 (C5) - Raptor
  • CinC ---
    • Opposition 2 (O2)
    • Opposition 4 (O4)
    • Opposition 6 (O6)
  • CinC Hanz
    • 7th Infantry Division (7ID)- Falcon6646
    • 9th Australian Division (9AU)- Haiku
  • CinC ---
    • 8th Mechanized Division (8MD) - Shox
    • 10th Armored Division (10AD) - Airborne
  • CinC Haiku
    • 11th Marine Corps (11MC - Lawdog
    • 12th Airborne Division (12AB) - FC000
  • CinC ---
    • 14th Syrian Army (14SA) - Muerte
    • 15th Nebuchadnezzar (15NE) - Diamond Doug
  • CinC FC000
    • 17MA
    • 19th British Regiment (19UK) - 420
  • CinC ---
    • 16th Syrian Guard (16SG) - SickBastard
    • 18th Armored Division (18AD) - magic@war
  • CinC Crrrazzzy
    • 20th Armored Division (20AD) - Spetsnaz
    • 21st Australian Division (21AU) - Taker, helderxl
  • CinC magic@war
    • 22nd Mechanized Brigade (22MB) - Hickman
    • 24th Al-Maqid Division (24AM) - Luke
    • 25th Infantry Division (25ID) - AllShotUp, Elessar
    • 26th British Regiment (26BR) - Thor
    • 27th Mechanized Brigade (27MB) - Overkill
    • 29th Infantry Brigade (29IB) - Term
    • 31st Marine Corps (31MC) - Buffpuff
    • 32nd Royal Artillery (32RA) - Zorb
    • 34th Infantry Brigade (34IB) - Waite, xb385
    • 38th Infantry Brigade (38IB) - Snake, Bubba
    • 1st Mechanized Division (1MD) - Slade
    • 4th Armored Brigade (4AB) - Cowboy
    • 6th Armored Brigade (6AB) - xb385
    • 8th Mechanized Brigade (8MB) - Bubba
  • CinC Slade
    • 3rd Infantry Division (3ID) - Ashes
    • 1st Black Watch (1BW) - Stucifer
  • CinC xb385
    • 2nd Syrian Army (2SA) - Method, Petunia
    • 10th Armored Division (10AD) - K43
    • 101st Airborne Brigade (101AB) - Chief
    • 82nd Airborne Brigade (82AB) - No_Brain
    • 502nd Infantry Brigade (502IB) - DWillis
    • 606th Infantry Brigade (606IB) - Petunia
    • 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade (1MEB) - Vett
    • 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade (2MEB) - No_Brain, Musashi
    • 3rd Marine Expeditionary Brigade (3MEB) - Jery
    • 18th Iranian Armored Division (18AD) - DWillis
    • 69th Beijing Jian Division (69BD) - Petunia, Dv8Mutt, MWNF
    • 4th Beijing Armored Division (4BAD) - LRoy